It's a Microsoft world, and you get to live in it

As the Director of Technology at my job, I have several responsibilities. One of which is to oversee the rollout of Windows 7.  This is an awesome responsibility because I am a POSIX compliant computer user at home. I use that term pretty loosely, but it fits for the most part.  I love Linux, and I have used it for many years. I am currently pretty devoted to my hackintosh because it has the desktop application support that just doesn't exist for Linux.  This is all changing though.

New Photos

Recently I got myself a new lens for my SLR, and I have been trying to take better photos with it.  The lens is a Canon 50mm 1.8 Mark I, and I have been using it on my "ancient" Canon EOS Rebel 2000. The person I bought the lens from had bought it with an Elan 7 back in 1987 or 1988 he said. Its a faster lens in terms of aperture, but the autofocus is incredibly slow on it.


I try to remember this always, though I am not always the best at it.

Scanning and uploading

In 2002 I went to Ireland, and I just recently got a scanner, so I have been scanning all of the old negatives from then. I have uploaded about 40% of them to flickr at I will upload more later. These are old photos, and I haven't done any retouching on them, and the captions are really basic, mostly pertaining to my notes of where I shot each roll, but, I am happy to be uploading them.  

simple is usually better

So, I was looking at my logwatch report the other day, and saw one of my webservers was getting hammered via sshd.  No big surprise, it happens, but, I started thinking about <a href="">denyhosts</a>, which was suggested to me by a friend a while back. It may work, but because its a log parsing application, it falls prey to a couple of oportunities which I am not interested in.  Such as spoofing the user/pass name on the SSHD log to lock the localhost out, or to lock out the root user.

FreeNAS rocks, USB1.1 sucks, and more

So, I have recently made some changes to my computing environment at home. I will update the farm page soon, but, I haven't finalized all the changes yet. I can say that I upgraded a motherboard, which allowed me to put all of the original parts back in my Dell Dimension E520n, and set it up as a FreeNAS NAS device. It had its own set of issues in setting it up, but, its currently running a Core2Duo @1.86Ghz, with 4Gb of RAM, and 4.5TB of HD space. I ended up setting it into a RaidZ ZFS filesystem, using 1 disk for parity. Which ends up giving me around 2.6TB of usable space I believe.


China has tried to hack me

So, I got home from work, and booted up my computer. While it booted, I turned back to the mail, to see what was in the coupon section, because I was planning on going grocery shopping tonight.  When I finished with the mail, and was about to go take care of some other tasks, I noticed the icon on the menu bar for Little Snitch was blinking like mad.  As I had only started up the computer, and it was just sitting at the finder, this caught me a little off guard, so I clicked the icon to investigate.