It is hot

Evan and I have come out to Kickapoo Cavern State Park to take a cave tour in their unimproved cavern. I traded my Labor Day holiday from Monday to Friday, so that we would be able to come out on Friday. And, I won't say it was a mistake, but, at one point the car thermometer said it was 116. We got here, setup camp, and went for a short hike, but were soon defeated by the heat. Afterwards, we made a good if simple dinner and went to watch the bats exit their cave. It was mostly uneventful, aside from the 4 frat boys, as most of the bats seemed to have already migrated south to more moist climates.
It is incredibly dry here, save for my shirts, which are constantly soaked. The clouds have rolled in, and look ominous, so we are tempted with rain, but, the heat is making us debate putting the rain fly on the tent.

The moon is a brilliant crescent tonight, and tomorrow we will descend into the depths of the earth. Despite true inhospitable environment which attempts to rid itself of us at every turn, I am happy. Tomorrow brings new adventures, and though we may not stay a second night if it stays this hot, we will find another adventure to experience.