What a weekend that was

What a weekend that was. It started out with routine server maintenance, installing an agent for a distributed backup system, which triggered a catastrophic series of events. Now, as I sit here typing this, waiting on the OEM to contact me about the repair window, I am thinking about how that all escalated so quickly.  After that 2 hour support session Friday night, I went home and passed out. On Saturday, I got up, lamented the 2 weeks since I had been on a bike, and then sat down in front of my computer. It was going to be a long day of watching the thousands of email messages about the failed server come rolling into the inbox, and making sure that nothing else breaks in the mean time.  So, as long as I was going to be sitting in front of a computer all day, I might as well pick up an old project that has been languishing, and start refactoring some code. That went well. At points in the day things started working again, then I would break them. But that's the way that refactoring works. And so it goes.
By the end of Saturday, I had almost rewritten the basic underlying mapping section of a game I have been pretending to be working on for about a year and a half now. I also finally got around to watching Pacific Rim, which was better than I had expected. Though, to be honest, I was writting code, so I only paid attention to it with my peripheral vision and my ears, so that may have made it not seem too bad. Sunday was a new game though. Evan and I struck out to go for a hike at Cape Lookout. I mapped a route there which according to Verizon's coverage maps should have kept me within cell service the whole day. This is a necessity because I am on-call, and if any other servers went down I would need to be able to respond. But, I have the ability to tether my laptop to the cell phone, and off we went for a trek along the coast.  We were bested by sickness, however, we will attempt it again at another point. 
Now the week is started, and it's onward and upward.
I expect to have the server repaired soon, get back on my bike, get some film developed, and continue re-factoring the sections of the game that I naively wrote originally.