3.5 weeks until a terrible miserable awesome day

In 3 and a half weeks, I am making the trip back down to Crater Lake National Park, where I am going to ride my bike around the rim road. It is going to be hot, difficult, miserable, tiring, sweaty and every other pain-filled adjective to describe a terrible time. But, I am looking forward to it. I may have to stop, and I am sure that I am going to slow Dan down, but, it is what it is. Once I have completed it, I know I will feel great about it. And it's a stepping stone. Maybe next year I will be ready to do the Portland to Astoria ride, or maybe the STP (Seattle to Portland). 

I did a little cartography, and it seems like a pretty solid ride. I hope to start at the red marker and make a loop, Google maps didn't want to make a loop unless I offset the starting point for some reason. There are 3 to 4 tough uphill climbs that I see, with some nice long downhill and flat land sections.

I need to remember to get a few things before then, such as a bottle holder or two for my bike frame, another spare inner tube, some gels/fruit/powerbars. I also need to put together a small tool kit that's appropriate for my bike, and has all the tools I might need. I also need to do a few more rides before then. Life doesn't seem to be cooperating on that front, but, I will just have to make it work, and I am going into it with the expectation that it will take all day, and I may stop a few times to rest/take pictures/feel like I am dieing, but that's ok. It's only 32 miles, so if I take 6 hours, it's a turtle like 6mph, but, what else do I have to do that day? My plan is to get up, eat breakfast, drive to the rim, bike around the rim, then go sit around a campfire and drink beer or whiskey. If I have room to pack a small telescope, I might do some observing, but, that's not what this trip is about, so if that doesn't happen, I don't really mind that much.