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Astronomic League: 2016 Mercury Transit Special Observing Award

Mercury Transit Award Pin

I received my second Astronomical League award recently, though I actually completed it before the first award I received.

Astronomic League: Outreach Observing Award

I received my first Astronomic League Award, the Outreach Observing Award

This award is for helping others to learn about and observe the sky. The first level ...

I biked around the rim of Crater Lake

3.5 weeks until a terrible miserable awesome day

A map of the Route I expect to ride my bike around Crater Lake.

In 3 and a half weeks, I am making the trip back down to Crater Lake National Park, where I am going to ride my bike around the rim road. It is going to be hot, difficult, miserable, tiring, sweaty and every other pain-filled adjective to describe a terrible time. But, I am looking forward to it. I may have to stop, and I am sure that I am going to slow Dan down, but, it is what it is. Once I have completed it, I know I will feel great about it. And it's a stepping stone. Maybe next year I will be ready to do the Portland to Astoria ride, or maybe the STP (Seattle to Portland). 

A different take on astrophotography

At Trout Lake on July 26th, I setup my Holga on the tripod with some medium format slide film in it. I shot 2 1 hour exposures on Saturday, hoping to get some star trails. The star trails didn't work out, but, there's a couple of interesting images across the observing field. The first image caught Saturn and Mars with the astronomers.

What a weekend that was

What a weekend that was. It started out with routine server maintenance, installing an agent for a distributed backup system, which triggered a catastrophic series of events. Now, as I sit here typing this, waiting on the OEM to contact me about the repair window, I am thinking about how that all escalated so quickly.  After that 2 hour support session Friday night, I went home and passed out. On Saturday, I got up, lamented the 2 weeks since I had been on a bike, and then sat down in front of my computer.


When I turned 30, I grew a beard. I hadn't ever really grown one before, and it was something I wanted to do. It was my way of marking my adult life. I had been a child, and I had been a boy, but it was time to become a man. That's not to say that I wasn't an adult previously, but, it was an opportune time for a marker, and it was an opportune goal. Unfortunately, Evan had recently given me a set of really thoughtful shaving supplies. She had given me a safety razor, and a badger hair brush to whip up some sandalwood shaving cream with.

It is hot

Evan and I have come out to Kickapoo Cavern State Park to take a cave tour in their unimproved cavern. I traded my Labor Day holiday from Monday to Friday, so that we would be able to come out on Friday. And, I won't say it was a mistake, but, at one point the car thermometer said it was 116. We got here, setup camp, and went for a short hike, but were soon defeated by the heat. Afterwards, we made a good if simple dinner and went to watch the bats exit their cave.


Prague 2011 - Pictures

Day 4: Prague 2011

Today was a great day. We started off waiting for Frank the driver, so Evan could pay rent for her apartment. Next it was off for street pastries and to pick up my negatives. After one pass through Heathrow, I am developing all my film before I travel, they wouldn't hand check anything. (The terrorists won.) Anyway, after that it was off to the Michael museum, which was short, but was worth the trip on its own. Seeing those 7 or 8 foot lithographs on cheap paper in person was amazing. I think if I ever was a billionaire, those are the originals I would try to collect.


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